Topaiyo REDD+ Forest Protection

$0.01 per kg

These credits were issued in a bundled verification period.  This means all credits will have a vintage of 2017-2019.   In 2014, Papua New Guinea exported 3.8 million cubic meters of tropical wood, making it the world’s largest exporter of tropical timber wood. This means, however, that the country loses approximately 1.4% of its forested land each year and—with it—critical habitat home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity. NIHT Inc. has partnered with the traditional landowner groups of the New Ireland and East New Britain islands in Papua New Guinea to create the Topaiyo REDD+ Project, aiming to end the deforestation caused by industrial logging in the region. Essential in terms of the carbon and biodiversity benefits it will provide, this project is also designed to promote the prosperity of the local communities.