Seneca Meadows Landfill Gas Capture

$0.02 per kg

The Seneca Meadows Landfill is located in Waterloo, New York and began operations in 1983. The project activity is the installation and operation of a gas collection and control system that collects landfill gas (LFG) generated from solid waste and transports it for destruction. The LFG is combusted in electricity-generating engines or auxiliary flares and the project is credited for the destruction of methane. The project is expected to mitigate the release of more than 2.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions to the atmosphere over its lifetime. In addition to the project emission reductions, Seneca Meadows has created 419 acres of new wetlands, restored and enhanced 157 acres of existing wooded wetlands, and dedicated 500 acres of floodwater conveyance wetlands for permanent preservation. Seneca Meadows also offers a variety of school and community programs at its Environmental Education Center, which is changing the face of environmental programming in the community. Seneca Meadows' commitment to excellence has earned the support of the National Audubon Society, Ducks Unlimited, and Trout Unlimited. Seneca Meadows has also secured such honors as the 2003 Seneca County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award, the 2009 Rochester Business Journal’s Environmental Leadership Award, and the 2012 SWANA Excellence Award for landfill management.