Rimba Raya REDD+ Forest Protection

$0.02 per kg

The Rimba Raya peat swamp forests are located in Central Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Prior to the project's establishment, these immensely biodiverse tropical peatlands were scheduled for conversion into four palm oil estates by the provincial government. The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve protects 91,215 hectares of rich, tropical peat swamp forests, which are monitored by local rangers as well as by satellite and aerial imagery. The reserve is adjacent to the world-renowned Tanjung Puting National Park and forms a physical buffer zone along the parks eastern border. As well as preserving ecosystem diversity and the habitat of endangered species such as the Bornean orangutan, the project reduces emissions by preventing the planned deforestation of over 47,000 hectares of forest for palm oil production.