Middlebury Improved Forest Management

$0.03 per kg

Middlebury College, one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the United States, has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality each year. As part of this commitment, the college built a biomass gasification plant and installed solar and wind facilities to reduce reliance on traditional fuel sources and cut carbon emissions. In addition to these efforts, Bluesource and Middlebury launched an Improved Forest Management project on over 2,500 acres of forest in the Green Mountains of central Vermont. Middlebury retains a portion of the credits generated for its neutrality commitment while the balance is offered to voluntary market buyers. The project ensures the long-term conservation and sustainable management of the forest, promotes healthy wildlife habitat and prevents future compromise of the forest carbon stocks. ​*Note: The volumes for this project have been calculated as removals, but are untagged on the registries.​