Klawock Heenya Improved Forest Management

$0.03 per kg

The Bluesource Klawock Heenya Project protects 8,600 acres of forest on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, 1,000 acres of which is old-growth forest, home to centuries-old trees and an abundance of biodiversity. The forests of Klawock Heenya have been utilized for centuries for subsistence uses such as firewood, housing materials, and canoe logs. From 1980 to 2015, nearly all the commercially operable timber on Klawock Heenya lands was harvested, narrowly preserving the areas of old growth that remain. Since then, natural regeneration has resulted in thriving second growth forests, with trees reaching up to twelve feet in diameter. The registration and management of this forest carbon project helps ensure the long-term sustainable governance, protecting and preserving the health and age of the forest. ​*Note: The volumes for this project have been calculated as removals, but are untagged on the registries.