Kenya Soil Carbon

$0.02 per kg

​These credits were issued in a bundled verification period.  This means all credits will have a vintage of 2013-2016. ​ The first large, landscape-scale soil carbon project of its kind in the world, the Northern Kenya Rangelands Project improves grassland health of 1.9 million hectares of degraded savannah grasslands in northern Kenya impacted by changing climatic conditions, severe drought, and livestock overgrazing. Newly planned rotational grazing management is expected to restore overgrazed grasslands and improve soil carbon storage. This expected change in soil carbon will remove more than 600,000 tons of greenhouse gas (CO2 equivalents) from the atmosphere per year, doubling the carrying capacity of the land from its current value. Change is monitored every year by analyzing satellite imagery of biomass and herd locations. Funding for this project will also help bolster land productivity, diversify community income, improve wildlife ecosystems and habitats to reverse biodiversity trends, promote gender equality, improve community health, and support specific conservancy needs—including clean water, education, and infrastructure projects. The Northern Kenya Rangelands project is one of only 16 projects worldwide certified to the Triple Gold Level under the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance’s (CCBA) standards. The project is also certified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) from Verra, one of the sector’s leading and most respected carbon standards, using its sustainable grasslands methodology (VM0032).