KOKO Kenya Tropical Forest Protection

$0.03 per kg

KOKO is driving a national-scale energy transition from deforestation-causing charcoal to sustainable bioethanol cooking fuel, delivered through dense networks of self-service KOKO Fuel ATMs that provide convenient access to ultra-clean fuel at a price that significantly undercuts charcoal. Over 2.5 million Kenyans now benefit from cooking with KOKO Fuel, including ~30% of all homes in Nairobi. KOKO's technology allows low-income Kenyan households to affordably switch to clean energy and ultra-safe, high-efficiency modern appliances instead of inefficient, polluting charcoal stoves. Charcoal production is by far the leading cause of deforestation in Africa, and by displacing the demand for charcoal, KOKO's technology plays a crucial role in protecting existing tropical forests. KOKO’s solution also leads to a major reduction in household air pollution, greatly reducing the risk of respiratory diseases caused by polluting charcoal stoves (especially to women and children).