Ducks Unlimited & North Bridge Prairie Conservation

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The Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) has been the breeding grounds for 50-80% of all North American migratory waterfowl; however, these grasslands have disappeared at a rate and extent that exceeds that of the Amazon rainforest. This project—part of a strategic partnership between North Bridge Carbon and Ducks Unlimited—works with landowners, many whom are ranching families, to proactively protect the landscapes of the PPR through partnerships, innovative finance, and managed grazing. Comprised of nearly 28,000 acres owned by more than 50 individual private landowners in central North Dakota, the program is truly one of a kind. The benefits of conserving wetlands for wildlife and recreation have long been established, but emerging research is determining that wetlands are a powerful climate mitigation tool: A newly released study led by Ducks Unlimited demonstrates that wetlands in the PPR have the potential to cool the surrounding atmosphere by one to three degrees on summer days and reduce the number of hot days during heat waves. The region is ranked the highest in the United States in grassland loss, with each individual parcel enrolled meeting 100% additionality requirements. All parcels are accompanied with the perpetual easement that ensures the permanence of retained below-ground carbon. North Bridge is a veteran-owned carbon business that works with landowners, non-profits, ranchers, farmers, and corporations to implement best practices in reducing and removing carbon. It's actively channeling private capital into climate solutions and investing in high-quality carbon offsets. Ducks Unlimited is leading the way through conservation to save threatened grasslands and related habitats, while simultaneously preserving critical below-ground carbon reserves. Credits issued by the Prairie Pothole Avoided Conversion of Grasslands and Shrublands (ACR222) have been assigned a AAA rating by BeZero Carbon, with verification conducted by Ruby Canyon Environmental, Inc. (RCE).