Clearloop Jackson Solar Field

$0.01 per kg

Clearloop is a renewable energy accelerator that amplifies the power of brands by turning everyday purchases into clean energy. Clearloop is the first solar offset company in the U.S. that helps companies “reclaim” their carbon emissions with new solar projects—providing companies a simple, tech-forward, transparent, and permanent way to clear the carbon from our electricity grid. Companies that sign up with Clearloop are certifying that their products and services have a 100% reclaimed carbon footprintTM. With Clearloop companies are taking out the carbon they put in by building new solar projects, helping to replace dirty electricity in communities across the U.S. that are getting left behind and don’t have access to clean energy. Clearloop is here to simplify the process—making it easy for companies to replace the dirty electricity polluting our air while amplifying their brands with a clear and tangible purpose: expanding access to clean energy in the places that need it the most across the United States. Clearloop was founded by three Tennesseans—including former governor Phil Bredesen—who want to make sure that the innovation and benefits of clean energy reaches all communities around our country equally, starting with the communities in our own backyard that are getting left behind. After years in government, politics, and business, we fundamentally believe that we cannot wait around for others to act. We built Clearloop for brands that want to reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy by building new solar projects in the United States. Jackson Clearloop 1 (Project or Project Activity) consists of the installation of approximately 3000 thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar modules on approximately 12 acres of land that will be owned and operated for its 40 year life by Silicon Ranch Corporation and will be managed under Regenerative Energy land practices. The site is located approximately 90 miles east of Memphis, TN. The solar farm will consist of the following technology and set-up, totaling a nameplate capacity of 1 megawatt (MW) AC solar system. ● 3000 thin-film PV solar modules manufactured in the United States by a tier 1 supplier; ● Modules will be mounted on a single-axis tracking table; ● Multiple strings of solar modules will be electrically connected in parallel to multiple power inverters; ● The project’s multiple power conversion stations (PCS), central inverters will convert the DC current to AC current and then step-up to Medium Voltage (MV) via pad-mounted transformers; and ● MV collection lines will connect the generated energy to the project substation where the voltage will be stepped-up to the interconnection voltage via the generator step-up transformer.