CarbonCapture Direct Air Capture

$0.56 per kg

Project Bison was designed to meet the rapidly growing need for high-quality engineered carbon removal credits.The project has been developed to be rolled out over multiple phases through 2030. It consists of a partnership between CarbonCapture Inc., a US climate tech company that makes direct air capture (DAC) systems based on a groundbreaking modular open-systems architecture, and Frontier Carbon Solutions, a carbon storage developer. The partnership will deploy CarbonCapture’s DAC modules atop Frontier’s CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure in Wyoming to permanently remove 5 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere annually by 2030.DAC refers to technology solutions that filter carbon dioxide directly out of the atmosphere. When air moves over certain materials, they selectively bind to CO2. CarbonCapture uses solid sorbent capture materials, themselves typically composed of common chemicals already in use in other applications. Once CO2 is captured from the atmosphere, heat is applied to release it, regenerating capture materials for another capture cycle. CarbonCapture uses only renewables or other zero-carbon resources to power its systems.