CarbonBuilt Concrete Carbon Avoidance and Removal

$0.24 per kg

CarbonBuilt's XPrize winning technology enables the production of ultra low-carbon concrete products that both avoid putting new CO2 into the air and remove CO2 that's already there. The embodied carbon of concrete products is thus reduced by 70-100+% with no impact on price, performance, or plant operations. CarbonBuilt's projects dramatically reduce or even eliminate concrete's cement ingredient—responsible for 7-8% of global emissions—and replace it with a lower-carbon mix of mostly waste materials. The company then mineralizes CO2 derived from waste biomass into its concrete products, locking it away for 1000+ years. The project's blended pricing provides one biomass CO2 removal credit and five avoidance credits. CarbonBuilt partners with existing concrete products producers to integrate this technology. Its first plant in Alabama is currently being retrofitted, with plans to have ultra-carbon blocks (80%+ reduction) available for purchase in Q1 2023. Subsequent plants around the country are in the pipeline. Revenue from carbon credits will be shared with CarbonBuilt’s historically risk-averse concrete producer partners to grow their margin post-retrofit and make a stronger financial case for accelerating adoption.