Bukaleba Reforestation

$0.04 per kg

​These credits were issued in a bundled verification period.  This means all credits will have a vintage of 2016-2020.  ​ The Bukaleba Forest Project (BFP) contributes to the fight against climate change and deforestation in Uganda through the reforestation of more than 5,000 ha of previously degraded forest reserve around the Mayuge District, along the shores of Lake Victoria. The project's activities support 17 villages, covering more than 5,000 households and providing direct and indirect employment to more than 600 people. BFP is managed by Busoga Forestry Company (BFC)—a subsidiary of Green Resources AS of Norway—in line with the highest corporate, social, and environmental standards, including the responsible forest management principals stipulated by FSC C106074 and the ISO-certified Integrated Management System. BFC was established in 1996 with registration number 31967, and Uganda Investment Authority License number ASD/254/42101. BFP was first registered with Verra in 2004, and has previously issued 287,661 VCS credits over two rounds of certification.