Blue Ridge Escarpment Improved Forest Management

$0.04 per kg

This project protects over 6,000 acres of northern South Carolina forest, which is home to several endangered species. Nestled among the arrowhead plants, endangered green salamanders have refuge here as do rare wetland plants that are now only found in one additional county as a result of rapid habitat loss. The Naturaland Trust works to protect this ecologically diverse area of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Piedmont. There is no harvesting on this property, allowing the trees to sequester approximately 68,000 metric tons of CO2e each year. The funding made possible through the project's carbon credits will be used for additional land acquisition and conservation costs. This property bridges critical corridors for black bears and bobcats, and provides safety for species like deer, turkey, and grouse. Located within the Saluda Watershed, the property's abundant riparian areas and mountain springs provide protected drinking water for communities downstream. Blue Ridge's meandering streams are also home to countless aquatic species including native trout. This ecological lifeline is an equally vital hub for environmental education for all who visit it. Frequented by state and federal biologists, the area provides research grounds for Furman and Clemson Universities, while local law enforcement use these forests for search-and-rescue training. In addition, a vast trail network enables visitors to enjoy the forest through hiking, biking, bird watching, rock climbing, and fishing.