BAESA Hydroelectricity

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MyCarbon seeks to develop, source, and trade high-quality carbon credits from projects concerned with Latin American forestry, land use, and renewable energy. At the same time, it supports companies in their carbon footprint reduction goals, as well as farmers in the pursuit of agricultural best practices—contributing to the sustainable use of natural resources.The BAESA project covers the construction and operation of the Barra Grande Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), a greenfield hydropower plant implemented on a single reservoir. The plant generates electricity through clean and renewable energy sources to help meet Brazil's growing demand—spurred on by the country's substantial growth in both population and economy. This, in turn, contributes to environmental, social, and economic sustainability by increasing the share of renewable energy in the country’s total electricity consumption.Barra Grande HPP is located in the southern region of Brazil, between the city of Anita Garibaldi and the states of Santa Catarina, Pinhal da Serra, and Rio Grande do Sul. The plant uses the hydraulic potential of the Pelotas River to generate electricity with an installed capacity of 708 MW and an assured (medium) energy of 380.6 MW, on average.Prior to the implementation of this project, no hydropower plant had been operational on what would become the Barra Grande HPP site. Barra Grande HPP reduces greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding electricity generation from fossil fuel sources, which would be generated (and emitted) in the absence of the project. Therefore, the baseline scenario and the scenario without the project activity are the same.