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We’re on a mission

We love to travel, and we love our planet.

We're committed to helping everyone enjoy our planet in the most responsible way possible. We partner with inspiring and dependable carbon offset projects, so you can offset your emissions in an easy and affordable way.

Our team is a passionate group of builders located around this beautiful planet:
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Carbon offsets you can rely on

We have partnered with the leading carbon offset and carbon removal provider Patch. For every offset, Patch issues a Certificate of Allocation which documents your carbon offset and the standards it meets.

We’re here to help

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Travel is one of the most enriching experiences you can have, but flying has a huge impact on the environment. The move to sustainable aviation is picking up pace, but there are many technical hurdles to overcome before zero emission flights are readily available. I wanted to offer everyone an easy way to protect our planet, whilst still being able to experience the beautiful planet we live on.

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Damien Tanner

Founder of Offsetmy.flights